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To answer your needs of investment and development, SGBL proposes you KAFALAT loans, several financing formulas subsidized by the Central Bank of Lebanon and guaranteed by Kafalat.
Favorable terms
  • KAFALAT targets several sectors: industry, agriculture, tourism, high technology etc.
  • And finances various needs:
    • Construction, renovation or expansion of a professional premises
    • Machinery and equipment
    • Raw materials
    • Working capital
  • In addition to the previous, Kafalat Plus and Kafalat Innovation finance the cost of establishment, research and development, marketing and promotion of your project
  • Preferential interest rates reaching as low as 0% after BDL subsidy
  • Interests refunded by BDL quarterly at a maximum rate of 7%
Various options to suit your different needs

Kafalat BASIC:

  • Maximum amount LBP: 300,000,000 or its c/v in USD.
  • Maximum reimbursement period 7 years (including the partial grace period)
  • Eligibility: Individuals or institutions
  • Kafalat Guarantee: 75%


Kafalat PLUS :


  • Maximum amount: LBP 600,000,000 or its c/v in USD
  • Maximum reimbursement period 7 years (including the partial grace period)
  • Eligibility: Corporations (SAL or SARL)
  • Kafalat Guarantee: 85%




  • Maximum amount: LBP 300,000,000
  • Maximum reimbursement period 5 years (including the partial grace period)
  • Eligibity: Corporations who can bring an innovation on the market
  • Kafalat Guarantee: 90%
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  • Disbursement can be made in several settlements in accordance with the rate agreed on between the client and the bank
  • Cost of Kafalat guarantee, paid out on the amount subject to the guarantee:
    • Following the loan disbursement: 2.5% of the initial amount
    • Starting the 2nd year: 2.5% on the remaining amount due at the yearly date of anniversary of the Kafalat guarantee grant

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