Prepare your real estate first

Do you wish to acquire your business premises? Sogehome Co is the loan from SGBL that allows you to buy it, build it or even renovate it, easily.
Adequate financing
  • Personal contribution reduced to 40% of property price
  • Unlimited amount of funding
  • Repayment over a period of 15 years including a grace period (optional) between 3 and 12 months
  • Variable USD interest Rate  linked to BRR (Beirut Reference Rate), revisable every 6 months on 31/03 and 30/09 of each year

More info
  • For complete security, benefit from:

   - A life insurance program subscribed with SGBL Insurance, that covers death of all causes and total/permanent disabilities

   - All-risk insurance for the property underwritten by Allianz SNA


  • File fee set at 0.5% of the loan amount with a minimum of USD 500
  • Minimum 2 years of operations in the same business


Rates and conditions are applicable on 01/01/2019. Final terms are mentioned in the loan offer upon contract signature.


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