Salary domiciliation 

 Salary domiciliation 

Domiciliation de salaires 

A convenient and secure procedure

Salary domiciliation with SGBL ensures a safe and timely payment of your employees' salaries.
Multiple Benefits
  • Facilitate the monthly salaries payments of your employees
  • Avoid the risks associated with handling large sums of cash or checks
  • With SGBL, you provide your employees, preferential treatment and conditions that suit their needs
Simple procedure

      Just send to the bank, at every payment of salaries: 
  •  An email including the following information:

    • Date of salaries payment
    • The account number from which the total amount of salaries will be debited
    • The list of the employees' names, specifying for each, the account number to which the salary will be credited and the amount of the corresponding salary.


  •  A hard copy of the e-mail duly signed by the authorized signatory
 More info


    • An electronic file format is available for you with to facilitate the procedure




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