More than just simple points !

The Super Rewards loyalty program, dedicated to professionals, give cardholders the chance to accumulate points that can be converted into cashback and credited to the account holder.
How to accumulate points? *
By using your card on any POS machine in Lebanon and abroad:
  • 1$ spent = 1 point with the Corporate card
  • 1$ spent = 2 points with the World Business card

*The accumulated points are credited in the company’s account.


How to spend your points?


Redemption mode: cashback


Upon company's request, accumulated Super Rewards points can be converted into cash and credited into the company's account in USD through a special letter signed, prepared and approved by the company officials.

200 points Super Rewards = 1$

How to check your points balance ?
For companies, the authorized person can check the balance of points accumulated on the company’s account via:
  •  Digital banking services : (eSGBL and  SGBL mobile application)
  • Account manager at SGBL branches 


What about Super Rewards points validity?


Each point expires 3 years after its accumulation.However, an end of year expiry will be applied to accounts that have not accumulated any point through card usage for more than 365 days .


SGBL keeps the right to suspend the program, modify its conditions & methods without any prior notice.


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