Cap entreprise prévoyance 

 Cap entreprise prévoyance 


Offer your employees an extra social benefit


You wish to protect your employees and their families against the risks of life? CAP ENTREPRISE PRÉVOYANCE, the insurance program subscribed with SGBL Insurance, offers you the solution.

A social benefit that keeps your employees satisfied and protected

Your employees are concerned about protecting their families in case of accident. you want to make sure they are satisfied; SGBL offers you the ideal program


 CAP ENTREPRISE PRÉVOYANCE, is a group insurance program far more competitive than individual insurance programs. It helps differentiate the guaranteed capital based on salary, age or family status, and covers specific risks. Our specialists are there to provide any advise

A flexible group contract revisable yearly

To join this program, employees should be between 18 and 64 years old and should fulfill the usual medical formalities.

Basic warranty

In case of death from an illness or accidentally anywhere in the world, the guaranteed capital will be paid according to the scheme chosen by the company (example 4 years salary for a married executive having two dependent children)

Optional coverage 


  • Accidental death
    Double the guaranteed capital in case of accident

  • Permanent total disability from all causes including accidents
    Payment of the guaranteed capital / doubled in case of an accident

  • Accidental permanent partial disability 
    Payment of a percentage the guaranteed capital according to the functional loss in case of accident

  • Critical illness 
    Payment of 50% of the guaranteed capital with a maximum of USD 100,000

  • Passive war risk 
    Payment of the guaranteed capital in case of death or permanent total disability caused by war

More info
    • Duration : annual
    • Currency : USD 
  • Premium :
    • Depends on the age of the insured, the guaranteed capital and the optional guarantees selected. The premium is recalculated yearly
    •  Payable in advance, monthly or quarterly



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