Cap entreprise retraite 

 Cap entreprise retraite 

Cap entreprise retraite 
Insure your employees a supplementary pension

Motivate your employees and increase their loyalty by helping them constitute a supplementary pension with CAP ENTREPRISE RETRAITE, the retirement group insurance program underwritten by SGBL Insurance.
Basic program

This program is a personal retirement plan, invested in various financial management strategies, coupled with a provident insurance scheme that a company offers its employees affiliated to the National Social Security.

The individual retirement account


  • The company and the affiliated employee make every month payments which are going to accrue up to the retirement
  • The revaluation of the retirement savings is function of the performance of the investment strategy; an annual statement is established for every account
  • The pension is paid at the age of 64, in capital or as an annuity

Death coverage with a minimum guaranteed amount


    •  In case of death before the age 64, a lump sum is paid to the beneficiaries of the insured employee
    •  This lump sum is equal to the value of the retirement savings at to date of death, with a minimum guaranteed capital equal to the total of the premiums invested in the account
    Two management modes - Four investment strategies

    The company chooses the amount of payments and investments accessible to the employees joining the program. These choices can be reviewed periodically. 

     Management with retirement scope


    This innovative management allows  payment allocation between strategies according to the time remaining before retirement (duration in years = 64 – current employee).

    For a minimum of 20 years the payment is invested in dynamic strategies; Approaching 65, the payment is gradually secured. This management procedure is automatic, without intervention of the company or the insured.

     Free  management


    The company can select any of the strategies accessible to employees.


    Four different strategies available to meet financial management objectives: 


    • Dynamic Strategy : the most linked to the stock-exchange market performances
    • Harmonized Strategy : with a moderate valuation objective
    • Defensive Strategy : with a conservative valuation objective
    • Secured Strategy : the invested capital is guaranteed and revalued at a minimum rate set annually
    An additional option on the retirement plan

       As an option, the company can assure all the employees enrolled in the program coverage of the payments by SGBL Insurance following to permanent total disability of the insured further to a disease or an accident. This option is called Exemption From Premiums.


       In addition, the company can secure its employees with guarantees depending on wages level by subscribing to Cap Entreprise Prévoyance.


       More info
      • Currency : USD
      • Duration: : One year, automatically renewable
      • Age : Between 18 and 64
      • Fees : depend on the company’s choice , between 5% and 15% of salaries amounts




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