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Why pursue a career at SGBL?

SGBL gives you the opportunity to be a member of an innovative and dynamic group where you can develop valuable experience to fulfill your ambitions, at an international company that pursues a continuous growth policy. To those with ambition and seek to develop their potentials in a professional and dynamic environment, SGBL offers various job opportunities and internships.

Express your enthusiasm as well as your ideas within our teams and start a promising career.

Our values 

It is in the heart of our corporate culture, developed and strengthened by the know-how and exchange of experiences of our teams. SGBL professionalism is highly recognized and appreciated by our clients.

Exploring new horizons and taking innovation yet further, is our objective to meet the expectations of our customers in an ever more demanding world.
Team spirit 
Collective values founded on a diversity of talents and cultures that ensure our success and reinforce our pride in belonging to a united and strong group.

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