Retail banking

 Retail banking 

Retail banking 

Retail Banking is a driving force for SGBL’s growth. SGBL’s retail banking caters to a broad range of customers’ needs through supplying innovative products and quality services.

A regional network

SGBL Group’s regional retail network operates through 69 branches and 124 ATMs in Lebanon, 17 branches and 17 ATMs in Jordan (SGBJ) as well as 4 branches and 4 ATMs in Cyprus (Société Générale Cyprus). Our latest branch opened in Achrafieh Sagesse (Lebanon, Beirut) in October 2017.

Developing the Bank’s domestic branch network is a strategic priority that is set on our agenda since 2008.

Innovative products and quality services

Quality of service is also a constant concern for us. Consequently, our efforts are driven by our motivation to satisfy our clients’ needs and to accompany these needs by continuously adapting our product range to best cater to demand.

SGBL’s product mix covers deposits, an array of personal and professional loans - car, housing, micro-lending etc., insurance, and investment products, as well as a wide range of payment and credit cards, all conceived to answer the changing needs of a broadening customer base, in a rapidly growing and highly competitive market.

Professionalism and proximity

SGBL is constantly seeking to expand and strengthen its presence in the markets where it is already present, while keeping an eye out for new growth opportunities. To achieve this objective, the Bank is always leveraging its strengths. It relies on the dynamic sales approach and the professionalism of its customer service teams, as well as on the closeness to customers. This is achieved through its branch network and supported by highly efficient multi-channel platforms encompassing a wide range of communication means (internet via eSGBL, mobile phone messaging, call center services, etc.).


 Branches and ATMs

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