Corporate banking

 Corporate banking 

Corporate Banking 

Our Corporate services are focused on supplying solutions to best support our customers in their professional ventures. At SGBL, we are proud of being true partners of our corporate clients and we believe their business achievements are ours as well.

A privileged relationship with the customer

SGBL’s relationship with its corporate clients goes beyond mere banking services. The Bank builds on true partnerships with its clients, and often acts as advisor.

SGBL's Corporate solutions aim to accompany companies in their development and expansion phases. They range from classic overdraft facilities, medium and long term loans to finance expansion projects and trade finance, not to forget specific tailor-made solutions such as project finance, loan syndications, and structured finance tapping capital markets.

Corporate Banking at SGBL is backed by the skills and the expertise of the Bank’s qualified teams who are fully dedicated to engineering optimal solutions for their customers.

The Bank assists its customers for their business development both at the regional and international level, by mobilizing its regional network (namely in Jordan, Cyprus and often in collaboration with Société Générale’s global network) to help them identify business opportunities and optimize efficiency. Société Générale’s international network is also a major asset for SGBL Group with regard to cross-border and international trade and investment operations.

Financing the Operating Cycle
In addition to day-to-day banking services, SGBL offers a wide range of short term loans, bank guarantees, and other credit facilities enabling companies to finance their daily operations and to efficiently manage their businesses.
Financing International Operations

In order to finance the production cycle and the marketing process, the Bank offers its customers payment, collection, and guarantee instruments that enable them to carry out import and export operations under the best conditions. Trade finance operations include documentary credits, stand-by letters of credit, pre-financing and post-financing of exports, and back-to-back documentary credits. In addition to standard forex operations, SGBL also supplies its clients with a range of hedging solutions against exchange risks (forward exchange transactions, options, etc.).

Financing Investments
The Bank offers advanced financial engineering services adapted to each company’s environment, by proposing, on a standalone basis or through banking syndicates, various investment financing solutions with the best possible terms. Solutions range from securing finance for the acquisition of equipment to the setup or development of projects in various business sectors. Corporate Banking services often involve collaboration with the Group’s subsidiaries, and in particular Sogelease Liban, which is a leader in financial leasing services in Lebanon.
Investment Banking

Investment and advisory services cater for both the private and public sectors. The extensive experience of SGBL’s teams, together with Société Générale’s know-how and support, have allowed the Bank to participate in a variety of missions including consulting missions for the Lebanese government, lead managing sovereign eurobond issues, engineering mergers and acquisitions in the private sector, as well as capital raising and placement operations. Nevertheless, such operations remain scarce in the countries where SGBL Group is present. Still, our strategy is forward looking and our ambition is to be always ready to grab the opportunity when it comes.


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