Key figures

Key figures

Societe Generale de Banque au Liban’s results for the year 2018 reflect the high financial strength as well as the bank's ongoing commitment to growth, while providing additional comfort to our clients given the hard operational framework. In a difficult and more demanding regulatory environment, SGBL continues to tightly focus on addressing and controlling risks, always in line with BDL’s requirements. We are constantly moving forward with the ambition of reinforcing our promise to get things moving, while maintaining the highest standards when it comes to risk monitoring and the utmost concern for client satisfaction”.

Key Figures (in millions of USD) 31-12-17


Loans and advances 4,946 5,823 17.73%
Deposits from customers 16,488 18,705 13.45%
Total assets 21,550 25,952 20.43%
Net Banking income 1,844 1,918 4.01%
Net profit 221 198 -10.41%
Number of branches 90 98 8.89%
Staff employed (bank + subsidiaries) 2,150 2,473 15.02%
Deposits from customers
USD 18,705M
+13.45% vs.
31 Dec. 2018
Net Banking Income USD 1,918M
+4.01% vs.
31 Dec. 2018
Total Assets
USD 25,952M
+20.43% vs.
31 Dec. 2018
ROE after tax

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