Our strategy

 Our strategy 


SGBL has adopted a strategy based on sustainable and balanced growth in the aim of best serving its clients and strengthening its position among the most competitive banks in the domestic and regional market.

A universal bank

SGBL is active in all banking business lines and supplies retail, corporate and private banking services. In addition to our extensive range of banking products and services, we offer an array of specialized products and services among which insurance and leasing.

At SGBL, we are always ready to mobilize all necessary resources in order to meet the client’s needs and build upon a healthy and sustainable relationship, whether for individual or corporate clients.

A strategy focused on two objectives

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our strategy. In each of our business lines, our teams are entirely dedicated to ensure that clients' needs are appropriately catered to through the wide range and the high quality of products and services made available to them.

SGBL's strategy is also based on plans to expand both domestically and regionally. Our branch network in Lebanon covers most of the Lebanese territory and we will continue to support economic development in all Lebanese regions, as well as to cater to the needs of their inhabitants.

Regional presence

The Bank also enjoys strong regional presence: our Group is currently present in Jordan and Cyprus. SGBL Group’s regional strategy focuses on consolidating activities in those countries where we are already established while constantly looking out for growth opportunities, whether in new markets, new market segments, or new business lines.

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 Branches and ATMS

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