Do you wish to use your banking card in a more secured way?


SGBL offers you the SMS SECUSPEND service that allows you to track all your bank card transactions, whether ATM withdrawals or purchases.
What should you know about SMS SECUSPEND?
  • You receive an SMS on your mobile phone notifying you about the transaction details (date, location, amount, etc.) and the help line number to contact for information
  • You are notified at each card issue, renewal, activation, replacement, limit modification, or PIN code reissuing


Why should you subscribe to SMS SECUSPEND?
  • You carry out your purchases in total peace of mind
  • You track your card transactions any time
  • You can detect fraudulent transactions (theft or loss) on your card and you can stop it immediately by calling 01-489 583, 24/7
How can you subscribe to SMS SECUSPEND?

Just contact your customer advisor at your branch

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    Offer subject to conditions. Societe Generale de Banque au Liban s.a.l reserves the right expressly, and at its own discretion, to modify this offer or to withdraw it at any time, without any prior notice


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