World wide access to your accounts 24/7



Perform banking operations and check out your accounts easily and securely 24/7 from anywhere in the world through our transactional website eSGBL.


Banking services at your fingertips


  • Checking predefined accounts and points balance
  • History of accounts for the last 60 days 
  • Details of operations performed on your cards during the current month
  • Issuance of transfer orders, between SGBL accounts, to other local or overseas banks as well as mass transfers
  • Consultation of outstanding for bills settlements
  • Ordering checkbooks and bank cards
  • Executing opposition demands on checks and cards
  • Provision of cash to a beneficiary from an SGBL branch
  • Downloading transactions in electronic format files
  • Setting appointments with account managers
  • Visualization of foreign exchange rates

Optimal safety 


  • Blocking of access after 3 failed password entry attempts
  • Ability to change password
  • Automatic system logoff after 3 minutes of idleness 
  • 128-bit system encryption


More info
  • Free service for GALAXIE account holders
  • Transactions are commissioned same as branch

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