Buying your own taxi car is finally possible


Taxi drivers owning red registered taxi plates can finally buy their own new tourism car for public transport.
An advantageous financing plan for your new taxi car 
  • Personal contribution: 25% of the car's price
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Flexible repayment duration that can extend from 1 to 5 years
  • Minimum loan amount: USD 5,000
  • Guarantees required according to file study
Included coverage 

Insurance programs subscribed with partner insurers covering the entire period of the loan:


  • A life insurance
  • An all risks insurance



More info 
  • Financing a new or 0 Km car for public transport
  • Age: between 18 and 65 years at loan maturity
  • Loan currency: USD
  • Total or partial early loan repayment (Penalty: 2% of the paid amount)
  • File fees: USD 250
  • Exclusions: Malaysian, Russian, Eastern European or Indian cars

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