Subsidized loans 

 Subsidized loans 

Subsidized Loans 

To realize and develop your projects


Whether you are a business professional or a company operating in Lebanon, benefit from SGBL's loans subsidized by the Central Bank of Lebanon, to finance your agricultural, industrial, craft or IT projects.
Ideal formula
  • Loan to finance a new project or expand an existing one
  • Allocated amount ranges between LBP 50,000,000 and LBP 15,000,000,000 or c/v in USD or in Euro
  • Annual interest rates settled quarterly:

   - LBP: Lebanese Treasury Bills (2 years) + 1%

   - USD: LIBOR (3 months) + 7%

   - Euro: EURIBOR (3 months) + 7%

  • Repayment period ranges between 5 to 7 years
Central Bank's subsidy

The Central Bank pays the interest to the borrower quarterly, as follows:

  • 1st payment: 7% on part of the credit amount up to LBP 5,000,000,000 or its c/v in USD or in EUR

  • 2nd payment: 5% on part of the credit amount up to LBP 5,000,000,000 and up to LBP 15,000,000,000 its c/v in USD or in EUR

  • If the loan amount granted to a single institution by banks,  financial institutions and leasing companies, is over LBP 5,000,000,000 ; an  average rate of subsidy will be applied to all the loans
More info
  • The loan requires prior consent from the Central Bank of Lebanon
  • The disbursement of the loan can be done in one or more settlements
  •  The client starts to repay the loan after receiving the full allocated amount

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