Kafalat basic 

 Kafalat basic 


Expand Your Business


Subsidized by the Central Bank of Lebanon, KAFALAT BASIC is a loan that aims at financing the business activity of professionals, small and medium enterprises in very favorable terms.
This loan is guaranteed by Kafalat company.
 A loan adapted to your projects
  • KAFALAT BASIC targets several business sectors: industry, agriculture, tourism, crafts, information technology;
  • and finances various needs:
    • Construction, renovation or expansion of a business premises
    • Machinery and equipment
    • Raw materials
    • Working capital.
Ideal conditions
  • Amount up to LBP 300 million or its c/v in USD
  • Repayment period up to 7 years
  • Partial grace period
  • Preferential interest rate that can reach as low as 0% after Central Bank's subsidy  
  • Guarantee of Kafalat : 75% of the loan amount 
  • Interests refunded by the Central Bank quarterly at a maximum interest rate of 7%
More info
  • Disbursement can be made in several payments, at the pace agreed on between the customer and the bank
  • Cost of the Kafalat guarantee is settled on the amount covered by the guarantee:

-  Following to the loan's disbursement: 2.5% of the initial amount

- Starting 2nd year: 2.5% of the remaining amount due at the anniversary date of the guarantee of Kafalat


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