Manage your accounts safely 24h/7


Check your accounts and make transactions around the world quickly and securely via eSGBL website or via our SGBL mobile application.
With your online real time updated information, you can currently:
  • Checking Access and manage your accounts and transactions
  •  Check the status and characteristics of your products (loans, cards ...)
  • Check the countervalue of your Super Rewards points and activate the redemption option
  • Check and download your transactions history
  • Transfer funds between your own subscribed accounts or to other third party predefined
  • Track your transfers’ details
  • Order checkbooks or a provision of cash for an immediate delivery in branch
  • Set appointments with your account manager
  • Locate the nearest branch and ATM
  • Receive alerts for new updates
 First connection

- Enter your account number in the "Customer ID" field

- Enter your subscriber number delivered by your branch in the "Username" field

- Follow the connection steps

Two options to connect to eSGBL

- Option 1: enter your login details and scan the displayed QR code on the website via your mobile application SGBL

- Option 2: enter your login details and enter the password received on your mobile phone


Two options to connect to the SGBL mobile application

- Option 1: insert your PIN created during the registration

- Option 2: use your fingerprint (after activating it on your mobile and on the application itself)


Password and PIN

- Password: you create your own password that allows you to validate your transfers and access eSGBL at the same time. This password must be the same on all your phone / browsers

- PIN: you create your own PIN which allows you to access the mobile application. It does not have to be the same on all your phones.


Optimal safety:
  • “DUAL FACTOR AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM” that makes remote banking services highly secure
  • Access blocked after 5 failed password entry attempts
  • Ability to change password or PIN code
  • Automatic system logoff after 2 minutes of idleness
  • Ability to activate the fingerprint


Who can benefit from the remote banking services?

This application offers many features for public users.

The features related to the accounts and banking transactions are only dedicated to subscribers of the online banking pack. The subscriber must be:

1. Holder of at least one account at SGBL
2. Holder of a mobile phone (smartphone) whose number is registered at the bank


More info
  • Cost: free of charge
  • Commissions: same rates as branch transactions

The SGBL mobile application can be downloaded or updated from the Apple Store or Google Play.


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