Sogescool LBP 

A helping hand to release your stress


Available to release all the stress that accumulates during the back to school period, SOGESCOOL allows you to benefit from an amount of money placed at your disposal to finance all the back to school expenses, from registration fees to stationary etc.


Spend your money as you please

  • Allocated amount per child varies between LBP 1.5 million and LBP 6 million
  • The money is paid directly to the borrower, not to the school
  • SOGESCOOL LBP can finance all sorts of expenses: (school, bus, books, computers and others) without the need for payment proof  
0% interest plus one month's grace period!
  • Choose your monthly installments and repay your loan at 0% interest
  • Enjoy the first month of grace and pay your monthly installments over the next 11 months 
More info
  • For a more secure future, benefit from a life insurance program with SGBL Insurance that covers death and total or permanent disabilities
  • Persons eligible for SOGESCOOL: father or mother, employee or business professional with a stable income, having at least one child at nursery or at school



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