Sogehome Boost 

 Sogehome Boost 

Sogehome Boost 

Save on your loan, settle your dues faster!


With Sogehome Boost, the new innovative housing loan product coupled with a saving formula, settle your loan easily before maturity date.


Advantageous financing
  • Finances up to 75% of the house price (max. 800 million LBP)
  • For a period between 20 and 30 years including up to 6 months grace period
  • With a 5.14% interest rate* equal to 40% Lebanese Treasury Bills (1 year) + 3%
  • And zero file fees


  • Settle equal monthly installments that include life and multi-risk insurance premium

The saving formula - along with the housing loan
  • Pay an additional monthly amount equal to 5% or 10% of your monthly payment (whichever suits you better). This amount will be placed in the saving formula


  • Offers you a welcome bonus in the savings account equal to 1 full monthly payment
  • Deposits monthly in your savings account an additional amount equal to 5% of your monthly payment
  • And applies a yearly interest rate equal to Lebanese Treasury Bills (10 years) minus 1.11% on the saved amount.

What added value does this give you?
The saved amount will be used for settling your loan before maturity date without any penalty or additional charges.

Who can benefit from Sogehome Boost?

Any client or prospect with a stable monthly income and at least 1 year of experience in the same business field wishing to buy a main residence. 

             *APR 5.44% including the saving formula
              APR 6.42% for the housing loan solely

    Rates and conditions are applicable on 01/10/2015. Final terms are mentioned in the loan offer upon contract signature.

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