Sogehome LBP 30 years 

 Sogehome LBP 30 years 


Owning your home is a dream, a pleasure and a big investment


Sogehome LBP 30 years is the make it all possible loan offered by SGBL! Now you can buy, build, or renovate your house at light monthly installments spread over 30 years.
Ideal conditions at low monthly costs 
  • Financing amount is based on the client's need and on his financial capacity
  • Required down payment [1] :

        - for residents: 25% of the residence price

        - for expatriates: 40% of the residence price

  • Monthly installments are spread over 30 years for residents and 15 years for expatriates
  • Variable interest rate [2] of 40% TB rate * (1 year) + 3%
  • Maximum loan amount: LBP 1,200,000,000  
  • No file fees 
  • Expert fees: LBP 225,000


* TB: Lebanese treasury bills


Included insurance
  • Life insurance program subscribed with insurers partner that covers the remaining repayment amount in case of death, total or permanent disability.
  • Multi-risk residence insurance, underwritten by an authorized insurer.


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Every Lebanese or foreigner, resident or non-resident, with a stable income and 1 year of experience in the same business field, can benefit from Sogehome LBP 30 years.





Rates and conditions are applicable on 08/09/2014. Final terms are mentioned in the loan offer upon contract signature.


[1] The down payment required for a construction project is 40%.

[2] The interest rate is variable throughout the loan period and is revised annually based on TB (1 year) at the loan anniversary date.



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