Sogehome Lebneneh 

 Sogehome Lebneneh 


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Do you wish to buy, build or renovate your home?

SGBL offers you Sogehome Lebneneh, the housing loan in Lebanese pound that allows financing a primary or secondary residence, finished or under construction, as well as renovation projects.
An advantageous and suitable loan
  • Financing up to LBP 500,000,000:

    -Finished house: up to 75% of the price, including file fees
    -Under construction house: up to 60.5% of the value, including file fees

  • Minimum down payment:

    -Finished house: 25% of the price for residents and 40% for expatriates
    -Under construction house: 40% of the value

  • Variable interest rate, revisable every 6 months on 31/03 and 30/09 of each year, and linked to BRR (Beirut Reference Rate): BRR + 5% with a minimum of 16%

  • Flexible repayment period from 10 years and up to 30 years for residents and 20 years for expatriates


Included Insurance
  • Life insurance program that covers the remaining repayment amount in case of death, total or permanent disability
  • Multi-risk residence insurance

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  • File fees: 0.5% of the loan amount with a minimum of LBP 750,000
  • Every Lebanese or foreigner, resident or non-resident, with a stable income and 1 year of experience in the same business field, can benefit from Sogehome Lebneneh


APR (Annual Percentage Rate) = 20.81% for financing a LBP 218,000,000 apartment with a 25% down payment (LBP 55,000,000). The loan amount of LBP 163,815,000 is reimbursed to the bank over a 17-year period.
APR includes interest, mortgage and mortgage release fees, file fees including expert fees and life insurance for a 39 year old person.


Rates and conditions are applicable on 24/01/2019. Final terms are mentioned in the loan offer upon contract signature


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