Bonifika LBP Titanium 

 Bonifika LBP Titanium 

Carte Bonifika 

Save on currency exchange rate with the credit card in Lebanese pounds!


With Bonifika LBP Titanium, the international credit card in Lebanese Pounds from Mastercard, make your purchases directly in LBP and settle them with monthly installments that you set at your convenience and benefit from multiple advantages.
Bonifika LBP Titanium, a card that fufills your requirements
  • The Bonfika LBP Titanium credit cards allows you to make your purchases directly in LBP at any time and to settle them
  • Choose your monthly payment adapted to your repayment capacities: 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% of the total amount of your purchases while taking advantages of a grace period up to 40 days; The minimum due amount has to be settled between the 25th of each month and the 5th of the month, that follows. A monthly interest rate of 2.50% will be applied on withdrawals and of 2.08% on purchases unsettled after the grace period  (Annual APR for purchases : 25% = 2.08%*12). These interest rates will be effective as of 15/09/2019

Various types of insurance for full coverage upon settling the transportation ticket or car rental by card
  • During travels:
    • Hospitalization up to USD 50,000
    • Compensation for flight delay, loss, damage, and delay of luggage
  • Overdraft coverage:
    • Life insurance program subscribed with SGBL Insurance covering death from all causes and / or accidental disability up to USD 100,000
    Offers and privileges of the Mastercard LBP Titanium
    • Bonifika LBP Titanium card from Mastercard offers its holder free access to more than 10 VIP lounges from airports in the Middle East. A detailed review is available on ‘’Mastercard for you” app on your application store.
    • Offers and experiences around the world with Price Less Cities
    • "Buy 1 Get 1" offers from a wide list of merchants and much more found on "Mastercard for you" application
    • Discounts on "Careem Taxi"
    • Online shopping privileges
More info
  • Get a free monthly card statement
  • Subscribe to SMS SecuSpend for immediate tracking of your card transactions
  • Check your card transactions 24/7 through our remote banking services: eSGBL online banking and SGBL mobile app
  • Take advantage of our loyalty program Super Rewards to collect points (1$ spent = 1.25 points accumulated) and redeem them for anything, anytime, anywhere in the world
  • Bonifika LBP Titanium is charged yearly at LBP 100,000 and the additional card at LBP 65,000




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