The high-end pack 


Choose the pack Select and benefit from a wide range of high-end products and services, especially conceived at preferential rates to simplify your daily needs.
Free banking cards with valuable privileges
  • Infinite, the luxurious charge card in USD, allows you to benefit from a comfortable monthly advance at 0% interest rate, and to access an exclusive world of privileges.
  • Debit Platinum, the debit card that gives you an immediate access to your reserves in USD or LBP.

 Multiple banking services offered for free with the pack
  • Remote banking services: eSGBL, online banking and Banking with SGBL mobile app.
  • SMS SecuSpend, to track your cards’ transactions
  • Bills domiciliation*
  • Checkbook request
  • Reception of wire transfers
  • Stop payment of checks and deactivation of cards in case of loss or theft
  • Issuance of banker’s drafts and certified checks

Preferential interest rates on high-end products
  1. Overdraft facility that can reach USD 35,000 allowing you to overcome cash shortage and benefit from free repayment terms.
  2. Cash advance with no maximum limit, that allows you to finance your cash lab while waiting for a certain and defined cash income, available in USD, LBP and EUR.
  3. Mortgage loan that allows you to deal with your cash needs with an amount of USD 100,000 and USD 500,000 without having to liquidate your assets.
  4. Sogecoffre, the safe deposit boxes to protect your valuable belongings.

    • Ensure your protection

Life insurance subscribed with our subsidiary Sogecap Liban that covers, in case of death or permanent disability from any cause, any overdraft on Select account, up to USD 20,000.

            More info
              1. Insure your loved ones and guarantee your peace of mind, with our many insurance plans: Cap Quiétude, Cap Horizon or Quiétis.
              2. Select is a bi-currency account: LBP and USD.
              3. Select pack is offered at USD 15 / month, or its counter value in LBP.

                  ٭  Bills domiciliation service excludes the bills issued by other banks, the bills of merchant cards and of gasoline.

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