Bill domiciliation 

 Bill domiciliation 


Save time and meet due dates


Enjoy our BILL DOMICILIATION service, we take in charge the payment of all your bills through direct settlement from your current account.

Don’t waste time
  • Save time  
  • Pay your bills on due dates
  • Settle all kinds of invoices: Ogero, Alfa or Touch, Electricity, Internet subscriptions, gasoline, bills of credit cards issued by other banks

A simple procedure
  • For Ogero, MTC Touch, Alfa and electricity bills: 

  -  Provide your account manager with the last bill paid 

  - The account manager will fill out the domiciliation form and send it to the corporation concerned


  • For credit cards issued by other banks, internet subscriptions and gasoline bills:

  -  Provide your branch with the domiciliation form of the issuer

  -  Your account manager will complete the form that you will provide to the issuer

        Do not forget to make deposits in your current account regularly!

More info
  • Fees depend on domiciled bill type
  • Free bill domiciliation option:

   Subscribe to GALAXIE current account for unlimited free bill domiciliation


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