Cap Éducation 

 Cap Éducation 

cap education 

Looking for a secure academic future for your children?


Through CAP EDUCATION life insurance program, you secure the financing of your children's education (school and university) in case of death or disability.

CAP EDUCATION is a life insurance program underwritten by SOGECAP LIBAN.
    An advantageous program, free for the last third of the duration
    • Coverage of children's studies (school and university) in any case of death or permanent total disability due to sickness or accident.
    • The beneficiary receives an amount as annual annuity:
      • Up to 18 years old, the guaranteed capital is indexed by 3%, effective the second year of the contract
      • Starting 19 years old, guaranteed capital is doubled, in addition to the indexation,  until the age of 21, 23 or 25 
    • The premium is paid only for the two thirds of contract duration
    Insurance with four options

    Until 18 years of age

    The beneficiary receives the guaranteed capital ranging from 1 unit =  USD 500 to 10 units = USD 5000

    - Option 1 – Baccalaureate


    Starting 19 years of age 

    Three options available, according to which the beneficiary receives double the guaranteed capital

    - Option 2 - Bac +3 : From 0 to 21 years
    - Option 3 - Bac +5 : From 0 to 23 years
    - Option 4 - Bac +7 : From 0 to 25 years


    More info

    • Flexible contract length, determined by the beneficiary's age and studies duration
    • Health questionnaire required for adhesion

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