Established in 2001 by SGBL and Libano-Française Bank (BLF), the “Centre de Traitement Monétique” (CTM) manages the electronic transactions made on both banking cards and electronic payment terminals.

The main services provided by CTM are:

- Issuance and personalization of cards
- Management of ATM and POS networks
- Authorization management
- Clearing and settlement services between banks and local and international networks
- Direct customer and merchant assistance through a dedicated hotline 24/7 service

CTM manages 165 ATMs.

Issuance and personalization of cards

CTM is in charge of:
- Issuing all VISA and MasterCard cards with magnetic strip and with chips under EMV® standards.
- The management of Pin Code in the most secure conditions and in accordance with international operators' standards.

CTM is also fully compliant with PCI DSS standards as of 2009.

Management of POS network

CTM is in charge of managing all of the transactions that are held on the ATMs, namely:

- Installation of electronic terminals (POS) at merchants upon banks request.
- Development and maintenance of customized POS applications.
- Technical and functional training for merchants upon device installation.
- Management of authorization requests sent by POS devices to the issuer host.
- Automatic daily settlement of all installed devices together with the clearing process of the issuer bank/network.
- Assistance to merchants and banks in case of technical problems through a dedicated hotline 24/7.
- Site intervention for POS maintenance or replacement.

To note that CTM is a fully certified EMV® POS acquirer covering several device models and manufacturers.

Management of ATM network

CTM provides the banks with key functions required for the acceptance of the transactions carried out by cards on ATMs, namely:
- Acceptance and routing of the authorization requests issued and acquired by ATMs.
- ATMs transactions reconciliation.
- ATMs supervision and routing of any possible claim to banks for intervention.
- Assist the banks and the cardholders in technical problems. 

Clearing and settlement services

CTM provides the SGBL and BLF in the following services:

- Clearing of authorized cards transactions made on all bank devices with local and international switches through a dedicated connectivity.
- Daily transfers of funds generated by the settlement of the national ATMs network. 
- In case of local and international disputes, and upon the bank's request, CTM is asked to resolve all related discrepancies.

Direct assistance services

CTM ensures for SGBL and BLF a dedicated hotline that handles and resolves instantly, if possible, all cardholders' and merchants' inquiries.
Afterward, CTM informs the bank of all actions taken in order to follow up with the concerned party if needed.

*POS : Point Of Sale.


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